Supply & Fit Service

At The Door And Floor Company we don’t cut on corners. To ensure all our customers receive the highest quality in terms of both product and a professional service – we recommend availing of our Supply & Fit service. Forming and maintaining a successful business relationship with our customers is important to us and in the interests of quality control, installing our own products protects not just our company’s reputation but also you the customer in the event there’s an issue with a product or service.

Other benefits to Supply & Fit:
  • Keeping the Supply & Fit service under the one roof ensures that the work is completed in a more seamless and efficient manner.
  • Trying to fit one of these products yourself versus bringing in experienced professionals to do it is the difference between looking good and looking amazing. It’s about the attention to detail that our team of professional carpenters bring to the project. Because we know our products inside out we know how to install them properly so that they not only look good but that they function correctly also.
For further information about availing of this service, please email us at [email protected] or call us on 046 907 1114