We can’t help ourselves – we have to attach psychology to everything. Everything we think say and do has to reveal something about our personality type. Like, how many of us will escape a full lifetime without being asked – ‘Dog person or cat person?’ No matter our response we prepare to get judged. Dogs are loyal, dogs are needy and by extension we must be too. Try cat – and the name calling continues, with curious, self-absorbed. It seems there’s an analysis for everything. Some we buy, most we don’t.

The psychology and analysis of colour is not so black and white because there’s a strong connection, not just visually but emotionally also – in that we see red, feel blue, turn green (with envy). At traffic lights we instinctively know that green means ‘go’ and red means ‘stop.’ Colour sometimes doesn’t need explanation, it speaks for itself. And when we plump for a colour it can speak for us too.

From the colour of our clothes to the colour of our front door we may reveal more to the world than maybe we would like.

Top Five Front Door Colours: And What They Say.

1. Red

To show the world such a bold exterior suggests anything but homely. You don’t do homely, homely feels too safe. You crave excitement and take inordinate risks to feel alive. A powerhouse of passion you really know how to turn up the heat. Strong and wilful you invite both love and war as to your heart and mind they are both inseparable. When situations get too hot you’re the first to get burned and last to leave the kitchen. Like a moth to a flame people are easily drawn to you – but fly too close and they may sizzle and burn.

2. Blue

As far as front doors go blue is a cool colour. Not in the hip sense but rather the behavioural. Behind that door expect to find stillness and calm because the person that lives beyond it views their home as the perfect refuge from an overbearing world. If that’s you, you desire plenty of space to breathe and think. You also enjoy peace and are true to yourself. A true blue.

3. Green

Okay this is where it could all go a bit Shaky, but dodgy 80’s pop aside, a green front door says you’re on the money, literally. Notably the colour of money, anybody that hangs a green door is always striving for betterment. Being a traditionalist you believe hard work to be the framework to success, monetary or otherwise. Of all the doors, green, you’re probably the most likely to bring your work home with you.

4. Brown or Wood

Brown or wood – it makes no odds. You door owner are just plain down to earth, there’s just no going against the grain with you. All who enter your humble abode are warmly welcomed and handed a nice cup of sweet tea with a Marietta. No bells or whistles what you see is what you get – you are exactly what it says on the tin, Mr Wood.

5. Black

Now let’s get really serious. You don’t happen upon a black front door and not instantly feel that you’re about to enter a whole new world. A world where exists only order and control. There’s no homeowner living here, what lives beyond this door is a master. As sleek and mysterious as each other, nobody crosses that threshold without possessing elegance and the good grace to know that once inside they assume their rightful place.

Then maybe they’re just doors, just nicely painted doors – after all, who are we to knock?