Here at the Door and Floor Company we love a good Christmas movie as much as we love our doors. Doors are used frequently in movies as they subliminally represent a portal to a physical or psychological journey for the main character. So, we’ve put together a quick quiz based on some of the most iconic movie scenes that have involved doorways. Guess the movie name from the screenshot before scrolling down to read the answers below – ‘Take it away, Sam.’

Doorway 1
Is it (a) A Fistful of Dollars (b) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (c) The Searchers (d) High Noon

Answer (c). In the famous western “The Searchers” starring John Wayne, the doorway scene is applied at both the beginning and end scene of the movie. The door literally frames the shot of John Wayne – the Prodigal son, returning from the civil war to the homestead, setting the scene for the hero’s journey ahead. The final scene of the movie uses the exact same shot to show Wayne’s character returning again after rescuing his niece, but he doesn’t cross the threshold and walks away, symbolising a man trapped between two worlds- the safe civilised homestead that everyone else enters happily, and the wild outlaw west, that the Duke can’t leave behind. Classic!

Doorway 2
Is it (a) Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind (b) The Truman Show (c) Yes Man (d) Bruce Almighty

Answer (b). The final images of “The Truman Show” incorporate a powerful image of a bizarre staircase to a door at the edge of Jim Carey’s character’s world. He passes through the doorway to the unknown but ‘real’ world on the far side, symbolising escape and rebirth in a thought provoking conclusion to this modern classic.

Doorway 3
Is it (a) Return to Oz (b) Oz the Great and Powerful (c) The Wiz (d) The Wizard of Oz

Answer (d). In The Wizard of Oz, the famous transition from back and white to vivid colour as Dorothy passes through the door of her real life in Kansas, to the Land of Oz symbolises the limitless power of our imagination and the beginning of her wonder-filled story. And yes, this heart warmer has been voted our all-time favourite Christmas movie.

Doorway 4
Is it (a) Monsters Inc. (b) Monster University (c) Monster House (d) Monsters vs Aliens

Answer (a). Admittedly, this one was a bit tougher, in “Monsters Inc” the monster company uses children’s bedroom doors as the portals for monsters to enter children’s room and scare them, in order to collect their fear to use as energy (sounds horrific but surpisingly its not!)

And that brings our quiz and year to a close!
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all our customers.